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  • Prepare three to six engaging questions before the show.  Samples:
    • What brings you to the show today?
    • Thank you for stopping by our booth.  What prompted your visit?
    • What line of business are you in?
  • Establish an even gender balance in your booth
  • Set measurable goals before the show
  • Remember the 80/20 Rule... Listen 80% - Talk 20%
  • Minimize the use of trite questions (How are you?, etc.)
  • Avoid sitting, eating, and drinking in your booth
  • Be friendly and non-threatening
  • Smile
  • Ask open-ended questions - Beginning  with Who, What, Where, When, Why or How
  • Relate questions to the industry, product/service and its benefits
  • Never sit, read, eat, drink or talk on phone in your booth
  • Never close off conversation by crossing your arms
  • Never stand with your back to the aisle
  • Don’t say "Can I help you?"
  • Never drink alcohol or eat garlicky or spicy foods during the day
  • Never badmouth your competitors
  • Never be unprofessional
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We are consistently expanding our exhibit and display product lines with discounted items that our Quality Control department has approved. If you are looking for a display product that is not listed on this site please do not hesitate to call or email us for a free quote.
In addition to display products listed above, we also can fullfill all your display, exhibit and trade show needs with the graphic design and the all of the items linked on the right.


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