Trade shows can offer companies a great opportunity to meet prospective clients and promote their products, but your success may vary depending on the ability of your exhibit to stand out in a crowd. While a simple popup display might be ideal for smaller trade shows, they may not serve you as well in a crowded event space where hundreds of organizations are all vying for the attention of the same guests.

In this type of environment, you may want to carve out a more intimate, engaging meeting space that is truly your own.

At All Pro Displays & Graphics, we offer portable conference rooms in several different sizes and configurations that are perfect for delivering product demos, hosting impromptu meetings and more. Many of our conference rooms are outfitted with built-in slatwall displays that make it easy to exhibit literature and eye-catching graphics that represent your unique brand. With a little creativity, you can customize these conference rooms to create a comfortable, inviting space that can’t be missed.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious and space is not a restriction, you might even consider renting one of our double-decker conference rooms. These portable conference rooms offer two levels of display and meeting space in one convenient package. You can create an attractive display for passersby on the bottom floor, while maintaining a more private space for meetings and demonstrations on the second floor.

Interested in learning more about our portable conference rooms or any of the other displays we offer? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number or contact us online today!