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How to Increase Brand Visibility at Trade Shows with Double Decker Displays

No matter what product you are selling, marketing and brand promotion are always incredibly important aspects to running a successful business. For many companies, trade shows stand as pivotal platforms to showcase their innovation, connect with potential clients, and cement their presence in the competitive market.

These events are more than just venues for business transactions; they are dynamic stages where brands come alive and leave lasting impressions on customers and clients. So, it’s important to have all the right tools to reel people in. That’s where the double decker display comes in — it’s a revolutionary concept in trade show presentations that literally elevates a brand’s presence to a new level.

With their towering structure and eye-catching design, double decker displays are not just another addition to the trade show toolkit; they are game changers. By offering an additional level of space and a distinct vantage point, these displays break the monotony of traditional single-story booths. They are designed to attract, engage, and captivate the wandering eye amid a sea of competitors.

This exploration into the benefits of using a double decker display at a trade show is more than a mere assessment of its aesthetic appeal. It’s a deep dive into the background of these innovative structures, explaining how they can amplify your brand’s visibility, maximize your space efficiently, and ultimately, elevate your trade show impact to new heights.

The Evolution of Trade Show Displays

From Banners to Booths: A Brief History

As a one-stop provider of portable indoor and outdoor trade show products, we’ve seen how trade shows have evolved over the years. From simple banners to the impressive double decker booths of today, each step has been a leap towards more impactful and engaging exhibits.

The Humble Beginnings

There was a time when trade shows were a sea of banners and stands. Back then, the focus was more on the message than the medium. The tools were simple:  banners that announced a company’s presence and basic stands to showcase the products. It was all about getting the name out there, but as the industry grew, so did the need for more innovative and attention-grabbing solutions.

The Rise of the Booth

As entrepreneurs began to seek more engagement and interaction, the booth became king. Single-level displays, complete with creative designs and custom graphics, were the logical next step. They offered a new way to connect with attendees, providing immersive experiences in a compact space. But even with these advancements, there was still a need for something more, something that could literally take your presence to the next level.

The Era of Double Decker Displays

Enter the double decker display. These towering structures are not just about size; they’re about making a statement. With a double decker, you’re not just occupying space; you’re creating an environment. On the lower level, engage your visitors with interactive experiences or detailed presentations. Then, invite them upstairs for a VIP feel, where they can view the trade show floor from a unique perspective. Take our 20×50 Double-Decker Gilna model, for example. It features a show-stopping 700+ square-foot second story where you can discuss business opportunities with potential customers. It’s a powerful contrast to conventional single-level displays, offering not just more space, but a more dynamic and memorable experience.

In our time with the industry, we’ve seen how these double decker displays have revolutionized the way we think about trade show presence. They are more than just structures; they are a testament to how far we’ve come and a glimpse into the future of trade show exhibitions.

Benefits of Double Decker Displays

There’s not just one reason that so many businesses have chosen double decker displays for their trade shows in recent years. These displays offer quite a few benefits to the brands that use them.

Maximizing Space and Visibility

Space is a premium commodity at trade shows, and making the most of it is crucial. Double decker displays are a masterclass in space utilization. By expanding upwards, they offer additional square footage without expanding your floor space. This means more room for product demos, meetings, and displays, all within the same footprint. It’s like having two booths in the space of one!

There’s something undeniably impressive about a double decker display. It towers above the standard booths, offering a commanding presence that’s hard to miss. This height advantage means your brand is visible from afar, drawing in visitors like a beacon. Anyone who’s attended a trade show knows just how valuable that attention can be.

Creating an Immersive Experience

The beauty of double decker displays lies in their versatility. The upper deck can serve as an exclusive lounge or a high-level meeting space, offering a quiet retreat from the show floor’s hustle and bustle. Meanwhile, the lower level can be a hive of activity with interactive demos and engaging displays. This dual-level design creates a dynamic, immersive experience that keeps visitors engaged and interested.


We’ve witnessed numerous success stories where double decker displays have significantly boosted trade show success. What stands out more than anything is how just about any company in any field can benefit from this setup.

For instance, a tech company can leverage the upper deck for private product demos, creating an air of exclusivity and intrigue draws in visitors. Or a retail brand that used the lower level for showcasing products while hosting VIP customer meetings upstairs, effectively doubling their engagement opportunities.

The impact of double decker displays on trade show performance is unmistakable. They are not just displays; they are powerful tools for creating memorable, engaging, and effective trade show experiences.

Practical Applications and Design Considerations

The design and application of your trade show display can make or break your exhibition success. As a company deeply engaged in creating impactful trade show experiences, we’ve found that double decker displays offer unique opportunities for innovation and customization. Let’s explore the essential design elements that make these displays stand out and their versatile applications across various industries.

Lighting, Graphics, and Layout

The key to a successful double decker display lies in its design elements. Lighting is crucial; it should highlight your key messages and products while creating an inviting ambiance. Strategic use of graphics can tell your brand story effectively, making every inch of the display count. The layout should facilitate smooth visitor flow, ensuring that each area serves a purpose, whether it’s for showcasing products, holding meetings, or engaging interactions.

Tips for Effective Design That Resonates with Your Audience

Designing for impact means understanding your ideal customer. What appeals to them? What are their needs at a trade show? Answering these questions can guide your design choices. For instance, if your audience values intimate conversations, design a cozy meeting space on the upper deck. If product interaction is key, focus on interactive elements on the lower level. A well-thought-out design is not just seen; it’s experienced.

Customization Options for Specific Industry Needs

The beauty of double decker displays is their adaptability. Each industry has unique needs, and these displays can be tailored to meet them. Whether it’s incorporating brand-specific themes, adjusting layouts for product types, or even integrating technology for interactive experiences, the possibilities are endless. At All Pro Displays and Graphics, we’ve seen firsthand how these customizations can transform a standard display into an industry-specific powerhouse.

Performance Metrics: Gauging Success

In the dynamic environment of trade shows, understanding and measuring the impact of your exhibit is crucial. Success isn’t just about the aesthetics of your booth; it’s also about how well it performs against key metrics. Double decker displays, using a commanding presence and versatile design, play a significant role in influencing these performance metrics. Let’s explore some ways you can gauge the success of these displays.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Trade Shows

When it comes to evaluating the success of a trade show exhibit, certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential. These include foot traffic, lead generation, customer engagement, and overall return on investment. Because of their eye-catching design and additional space, double decker displays can significantly impact these KPIs.

For instance, the increased visibility can attract more foot traffic, while the extra space allows for more in-depth engagement with potential clients, thus improving lead generation and customer interactions. The unique design of these displays also often leads to enhanced brand recall, contributing to a better long-term ROI.

Insights and Lessons Learned

In our years providing portable trade show products, we’ve seen first-hand the impact double decker displays have on helping our clients build their brands. The key takeaway from these instances is the importance of strategic design and placement. Double decker displays offer a unique opportunity to create a multi-layered experience for attendees. Companies that successfully leverage both levels for different purposes tend to see better engagement and higher-quality leads. It’s about creating an environment that not only attracts visitors but also encourages meaningful interactions.

Logistical Considerations

Double decker displays come with their own set of logistical considerations. Understanding factors such as installation and cost considerations is the key to maximizing the impact of your double decker display while ensuring a smooth and efficient trade show experience. If you plan to set it up without professional help, be sure you and your employees know exactly what you’re doing before you begin.

Installation and Dismantling: What You Need to Know

Setting up a double decker display is no small feat – it requires careful planning and coordination. Many trade shows typically require professional setup. These laborers will handle everything from structural framework to the final graphic touches. It’s important to schedule enough time for setup, considering the complexity and scale of these displays.

When you rent from All Pro Displays and Graphics, we offer you the choice to either set up the display yourself or to have us ship and set up the display for you. We’ll even dismantle, re-pack it, and provide return shipping after the show.

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

Investing in a double decker display is a significant decision, which requires a good look at your budget. The cost will be a bit more than other types of displays. However, it’s essential to look beyond the initial price tag. Consider the durability and reusability of the display components if you plan on purchasing, as well as the potential savings in terms of space utilization at different trade shows. Another cost-effective option is to rent a display rather than purchase it if you don’t plan to use it too often.

Long-term Benefits and ROI Considerations

The return on investment for a double decker display can be substantial. These displays often lead to increased visibility, higher foot traffic, and better engagement opportunities, all of which can translate into more leads and sales. Additionally, the unique and memorable nature of double decker displays can enhance brand recognition and loyalty in the long run. When considering the cost, factor in these long-term benefits and the potential for the display to be used across multiple events if you plan to purchase rather than rent.

Double decker displays take careful planning and a significant investment, but their impact in the long run makes them more than worth it. At All Pro Displays and Graphics, we have a wide selection of double decker displays available for both rent and purchase, so we’ll certainly be able to find one that perfectly aligns with your needs. If you want help standing out at your next trade show, contact us today!