Trade shows are a great way to make connections and gain valuable business. However, this can be hard if you and your booth don’t make a lasting impression. Rather than defaulting to empty platitudes or flashy lights, take our expert advice! Below are our top tips for making a lasting impression at your next trade show.

Go The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile to answer questions, chat, and be helpful is a great way to make lasting impressions. Rather than a nod and a “Hi,” when someone comes to your booth, make an effort to get to know them! Ask about their field, what they’re keeping an eye out for, and show them how your business can help.

One of our favorite tips is a simple gesture that can change a potential client into a lifelong one. Prior to the show, have some postcards made. At your booth, have a spot where guests can leave their name, address, and phone number. After the show, take some time to write “Thank you for stopping my booth. Expect a call from me within a week!” on each one. From there, send out the postcards, and don’t forget to give them a call! This simple gesture can be done in the time it takes you to watch an episode of your favorite TV show, and it shows your future clients that you care.

Have An Eye-Catching Booth

It’s no surprise that having an eye-catching booth will make a lasting impression. Many rely on goodies, such as a bowl of free candy, to draw people in. While we won’t deny that candy or snacks are a great addition, for truly eye-catching booths, we recommended the following:

Have Cohesive Branding:  This means ensuring your fonts and colors are the same on all your marketing materials! You could also have branded water bottles to give out, as well.

Have a Well-Lit Booth: Make sure your booth is properly lit so people can see your materials! We recommend avoiding any type of flashing lights.

Have Promotional Materials: Whether it’s banners, signs, or fabric displays, having your branding and services clearly displayed is a great way to get people over.

When you’re ready to make your trade show booth stand out, call us here at All Pro Displays and Graphics. We have 16 years of experience and over 250 products to ensure your time at a trade show is well spent and fruitful! To get a quote for your upcoming show, visit us online or call us at 909-465-1400.