Unique Ideas For Your Trade Show Booth

When attending a trade show, one of the main ways to acquire new connections and business is to stand out. And, like most things, there’s a right and a wrong way to do so! While we don’t recommend blasting loud music, there are unique additions that can draw people in, and once they’re in, you… Read more »

Questions To Ask Before, During, And After A Trade Show

Going to a trade show involves preparation in every area- materials, attendance, travel, budget, distribution tactics…it can be overwhelming! While we can’t give you your budget, we can give you some straightforward questions you can ask yourself (and your team!) before, during, and after a tradeshow! Before Going to A Trade Show – What promotional… Read more »

Is It Better To Rent Or Own Your Trade Show Display?

When you think of your booth, you’re probably thinking of the details like size, color, and what branding you want. However, an important question to consider is if you want to rent or own your trade show display. Both have benefits and potential drawbacks- what may fall under “con” for some may be a nonissue… Read more »

Advantages of Attending Trade Shows

We’ve spoken a lot about ensuring your trade show booths are engaging, and given tips for helping you make a lasting impression. However, you may still be wondering what the benefits of attending a trade show actually are! Many people don’t attend due to not seeing the point, and they have assuredly lost out on… Read more »

Tips For an Interactive Trade Show Booth

Having your booth at a trade show is exciting and a great way to network and make lasting impressions! Having an interactive booth is a great way to have people stop in and check out your products or get to know your business betters. Below are three top ways to make your booth more interactive! Have… Read more »

How to Make a Lasting Impression At Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to make connections and gain valuable business. However, this can be hard if you and your booth don’t make a lasting impression. Rather than defaulting to empty platitudes or flashy lights, take our expert advice! Below are our top tips for making a lasting impression at your next trade… Read more »

Kelvin temperature of lights effects your graphics

Three key components are required to see or measure color: a light source, an object and a receiver. Removing or altering any of these three items will significantly impact how we perceive color. For example, it’s fairly obvious that if we look at two different objects such as an apple and a banana, the color… Read more »

How a Tension Fabric Display Can Improve Your Trade Show ROI

If you’re a business that generates a significant portion of your leads from trade show events, you’re probably always looking for ways to boost your ROI—return on investment. After all, you want to be sure that the time, money, and resources you’re putting into your booth are paying off, right? One of the newer trends… Read more »

3 Engaging Ideas for the Second Level of Your Trade Show Booth

Double deck displays are the perfect way to make your exhibit stand out at a trade show filled with different businesses vying for attention. They provide more functional space, while simultaneously elevating your floor presence. There’s no better solution for boosting your trade show success! So, what exactly can you do with that extra level… Read more »

The 4 Most Common Mistakes That Trade Show Exhibitors Make

The benefits of trade show participation for your business can be significant, allowing for the generation of new qualified leads, increased brand exposure, opportunity for customer engagement, and ultimately boosting profits—if you know how to do it right. Make the most out of the money, time, and resources you put into your exhibit and avoid… Read more »