Price: $560

  • Model: 4200
  • Height: 1.0m / 39.625"
  • Width: 0.5 / 20.375"
  • Depth:
  • Total Weight: 50lbs (Case A 26lbs - Case B 24lbs)

The 4200A rotomolded, wheeled, case will accommodate a standard 10′ pop-up frame and lights. The 4200A Interlocks with it’s “twin” the 4200B case, which holds a full set of graphics or fabric panels. The two cases can be separated for transport and joined together to form a podium at the show . Fabric and graphic case-to-podium conversion kits are available.

UPS and FedEx Shipable
Extremely Durable
4 built in wheels for easy mobility

Fabric Case Conversion Skirt
Graphic Case Conversion Skirt
2-Eco-Friendly Led Light Kit (14watts)
2-Halogen 150 Watt Light Kit
add $320
add $320
add $286
add $244