We offer several different product lines for rent, purchase of pre-owned and purchase of new.

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Floor Standing Hygiene Screen

Great for restaurants / manufacturing / gyms / waiting rooms
Approximately 34” wide x 78” high
Easy to move where needed
Available for rent and purchase
Volume discounts available
Rental prices : $90 for 120 days

Purchase: $245

Extruded Aluminum Temporary Structures

Available in dozens of sizes and configurations. Options include locking doors and cabinets. Plexiglass or black or white ABS inserts. Roof and lighting available for outdoor use. Available for purchase and rent. Installation is easy with an Allen wrench, or we can provide. Please contact us at (888) 467-7696 to discuss your needs.

Deluxe Floor Standing Germ Guards (Aluminum frame & 1/8” acrylic)

Please call for pricing.

Floor Standing Hygiene Barriers

Great for restaurants / manufacturing / gyms / waiting rooms
Sized to your specifications
Made in the USA
Volume discounts available
Please call for pricing


Terrific value. Viewable graphic is 11” wide x 17” high. Hardware sets up in less than 10 seconds.

Quantity: 3 or more: Rent for $13 each for 120 days

Great Gel Formula

Help keep those you care for healthy with Sanit Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel. Not a liquid. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Using Sanit Hand Sanitizer is a convenient and gentle way to stay healthy.

Perfect for frequent use. Mild formula is free of parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and harsh ingredients, so it does not dry out or irritate the skin. Hands feel soft, even after many uses.
Place this bottle in your home, classroom or office reception area. Reach for the Sanit Hand Sanitizer bottle when you need to refresh or clean-up in a hurry.

$68 per gallon.

Rescue Essentials

LIQUID FORMULA – 80% Ethyl Alcohol, with Hydrogen Peroxide to aid in sanitizing. Glycerin added to moisturize. Our formula is fast drying and non-sticky. Our hand sanitizer has the viscosity of water (NOT a gel), making it a great multi-use sanitizer to be applied to hands, as well as surfaces. Made in the USA. Use in a spray bottle, pump, squeeze bottle, or a wall-mounted/free standing spray dispenser. It is not intended for dispensers designed for gel or foam, as both use a bag that collapses. Liquid hand sanitizer is poured into a reservoir. HIGH STANDARD – This hand sanitizer is crafted to meet or exceed current published CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer. $74 per gallon.